4.11.2018 – Heikki Huhtamäki Lecturing

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Our partner Heikki Huhtamäki is chairing Alma Talent’s annual Injuctions 2018 (in Finnish “Turvaamistoimet 2018”) seminar on 12 December 2018. The seminar will be held in Finnish. During the seminar, Heikki will, with other practitioners, analyse Finnish and EU legislation modifications regarding injunctions. In addition, Heikki will present relevant case law concerning Finnish monetary injuctions as well as injunctions under the so-called EAPO regulation, which he has studied in his doctoral thesis that is going to be published later in 2019. For more information on the seminar, please visit Alma Talent’s homepage.

Heikki is also lecturing at Alma Talent’s Construction Dispute Day (in Finnish “Rakennusriitapäivä”) and Contract Drafting II (in Finnish “Sopimustekniikka II”) later in November. Both seminars are held in Finnish. For more information on the seminars, please visit Construction Dispute Day’s homepage and Contract Drafting II’s homepage.

1.10.2018 – Matti Huhtamäki ranked top

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Our partner Matti J. Huhtamäki is one of only a handful of competition lawyers from Finland nominated by Legal Media Group’s independent research with in-house lawyers for recognition in the Euromoney’s Expert Guides – Rising Stars 2018. Matti has been nominated as a Rising Star in Competition and Antitrust Law. Matti is once again honoured and humbled by this recognition, and takes this opportunity to warmly thank both clients and peers for their confidence.

6.7.2018 – New Trade Secrets Act

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The Finnish parliament has approved a new Trade Secrets Act (FI: liikesalaisuuslaki) on Wednesday 27 June 2018. The Trade Secrets Act applies to business relationships as a general law and implements EU Directive 2016/943. The Trade Secrets Act along with the numerous legislation changes made in connection therewith bring the term ‘trade secret’ into extensive use in Finnish legal system. This term combines the earlier, fragmentally used different terms for trade secrets (FI: ammattisalaisuus, yrityssalaisuus) and uniforms their meaning. The Trade Secrets Act improves the protection of companies’ confidential information and available legal remedies for breaches of trade secrets. It includes provisions regarding i.a. the unlawful acquisition, use and disclosure of trade secrets. The statute also provides new civil remedies for breaches of trade secrets. Furthermore, the provisions of the Unfair Business Practices Act concerning the protection of trade secrets and technical instructions are repealed and transferred into the Trade Secrets Act. Nevertheless, the enactment of the Trade Secrets Act does not introduce significant changes to Finnish law.

28.5.2018 – the Assignment Contract Guidebook

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Huhtamäki Brothers has written the Assignment Contract Guidebook (“Toimeksiantosopimusopas” in Finnish). The guidebook is meant for The Finnish Business School Graduates, Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland, and TEK Union of Professional Engineers in Finland and is published by them. The guidebook was published on 25 May 2018. For more information of the guidebook please visit TEK’s homepage (in Finnish).

19.4.2018 – Enforcement Day

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Our partner Heikki Huhtamäki is lecturing at Alma Talent’s Enforcement Day seminar (in Finnish) on 30 May 2018.  The seminar is one of the biggest law seminars in Finland focusing on enforcement legislation and case law. For more information of the seminar, please follow this link.

16.2.2018 – Shareholders’ Agreement Day 2018

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Our partners Matti and Heikki are both lecturing at Alma Talent´s Shareholders’ Agreement Day 2018 (Osakassopimuspäivä 2018) on 21 May 2018. Heikki is also charing the seminar. During the seminar, Heikki and Matti along with other top scholars and experts evaluate the legal structure of a shareholders’ agreement in startup, family-owned, small and middles sized Finnish limited companies. The seminar is in Finnish. For more information, please visit the seminar’s homepage.

19.1.2018 – Consultant Liability

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Our partner Heikki A. Huhtamäki is again lecturing at Alma Talent’s annual seminar Consultant Liability (i.e. “Konsultin vastuu”). The seminar is held on 1 March 2018 in Helsinki.  For more  information on the subject (in Finnish) please visit the seminar’s homepage.

19.9.2017 – Our First Associate Lawyer

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It is our great pleasure to announce that we have hired Ms. Mira Mutru as our first Associate Lawyer. Mira will start as our lawyer later in December after finishing her LL.M. studies at the University of Helsinki Faculty of Law. Mira has worked previously as our (first) Associate Trainee and at major law firms in Helsinki. Mira will assist our clients in dispute resolution and competition law related cases.

31.8.2017 – Huhtamäki Brothers Lecturing

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Our partner Matti is lecturing on the reforms of the Finnish Competition Act at Alma Talent’s Kilpailuoikeus 2017 Seminar (i.e. Competition Law 2017 Seminar) held in Finlandia Hall, Helsinki on 21 and 22 September 2017. Kilpailuoikeus 2017 Seminar is one of the biggest annual competition law seminars in Finland. For more information, please visit the seminar’s homepage here.

Moreover, our partner Heikki is lecturing at Alma Talent’s Drafting of Contracts & Techniques of Contracting II Seminar on 1 November 2017 (in Finnish). Heikki’s lecture focuses on non-compete contracts and non-disclosure agreements. Other lecturers of the seminar are top contract law scholars and professors in Finland. For more information, please visit the seminar’s homepage here.