17.3.2017 – Legal Alert – Proposed Amendments to the Finnish Competition Act

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The working group compiled by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has submitted its report on the proposed amendments to the Finnish Competition Act.  The report is highly controversial as it includes several strongly dissenting opinions (from i.a. the Finnish Bar Association’s representative) regarding both the proposed changes and neglected areas/issues of improvement.  It will be interesting to see how these amendments evolve during the course of the commentary rounds which are set to be completed by mid-May.

We are closely following the drafting proceeding of the act. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the matter, please contact Matti.

For further details, please also see the actual report (in Finnish) here.

7.3.2017 – Heikki A. Huhtamäki’s Article Published in Liikejuridiikka-journal

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Heikki A. Huhtamäki’s 25-page referee article (co-writer Mr Atte Kaira) was published as the opening essay of the Liikejuridiikka-journal’s  (i.e. “Business Law Journal”) 2017 edition. Liikejuridiikka-journal is the leading Finnish business law journal. The subject of the article analyses the clawback (i.e. recovery) requirements of dividend payments. For more information on the article, please contact Heikki.

1.3.2017 – The Brothers Are Lecturing

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The Brothers, Matti J. Huhtamäki and Heikki A. Huhtamäki, are lecturing about competition law infringements and damages at the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce on 31 May 2017. The legislation concerning competition law damages has been modified in December 2016. Based on the new legislation, an undertaking (business entity or private individual) which has suffered from a competition law infringement may rely on a lower burden of proof when demanding damages from the infringing party. For more information of the lecture (held in Finnish), please visit the homepage of the lecture here.