12.12.2018 – Heikki Huhtamäki Lecturing

By 11/04/2018News

Our partner Heikki Huhtamäki is chairing Alma Talent’s annual Injuctions 2018 (in Finnish “Turvaamistoimet 2018”) seminar on 12 December 2018. The seminar will be held in Finnish. During the seminar, Heikki will, with other practitioners, analyse Finnish and EU legislation modifications regarding injunctions. In addition, Heikki will present relevant case law concerning Finnish monetary injuctions as well as injunctions under the so-called EAPO regulation, which he has studied in his doctoral thesis that is going to be published later in 2019. For more information on the seminar, please visit Alma Talent’s homepage.

Heikki is also lecturing at Alma Talent’s Construction Dispute Day (in Finnish “Rakennusriitapäivä”) and Contract Drafting II (in Finnish “Sopimustekniikka II”) later in November. Both seminars are held in Finnish. For more information on the seminars, please visit Construction Dispute Day’s homepage and Contract Drafting II’s homepage.

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