Etelä-Savon Taksi Oy

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Huhtamäki Brothers assisted a limited liability housing company as a developer (contractee) in a dispute concerning a construction contract worth over 1MEUR. We assisted our client in terminating the construction contract with immediate effect and issuing its claims against the contractor pursuant to the General conditions for building contracts (YSE 1998). We also assisted our client in claiming compensation from the contractor’s guarantor. The contractor was later declared bankrupt, after which we assisted our client in lodging a claim in the bankruptcy proceeding. 5/2019

Huhtamäki Brothers assisted a medium-sized construction company in a construction contract dispute. Our client, the contractor and plaintiff in the matter, claimed the contract price in full from the respondent customer based on the performed construction work and underlying contract order made by power of attorney. The dispute concerned the scope of the contract, ordered work, and the contract price. The matter was settled in the District Court’s preparatory hearing where the respondent agreed to compensate 73 % of our client’s claims. As a result of this settlement, the parties averted further court proceedings. 5/2019

Huhtamäki Brothers assisted a private person in an assignment concerning personal data breach and claiming compensation for our client under GDPR and Personal Data Act. The assignment ended when the data controller compensated our client. 5/2019

Huhtamäki Brothers advised members of the Finnish Volkswagen and Audi Distributors’ Association in commenting and negotiating their dealer and repair service agreements with the Finnish importer. 4/2019

Huhtamäki Brothers advised TF Bank AB’s group company in its cooperation arrangement with Hansapost concerning certain e-commerce related payment and financial solutions. 3/2019

Huhtamäki Brothers advised an employee shareholder in the interpretation of and exit from the shareholders’ agreement he had entered into with the employer company and its other shareholders. 3/2019

Huhtamäki Brothers assisted a contractor company as its client in a police investigation concerning an alleged bribing in business crime. After our written statement on behalf of our client, the prosecutor made the decision not to prosecute our client for any crime. 12/2018

Huhtamäki Brothers frequently advises clients in negotiating and drafting shareholders’ agreements as well as in resolving disputes related thereto.

Huhtamäki Brothers is currently assisting a software company in a dispute regarding a shareholders’ agreement. 11/2018

Huhtamäki Brothers assisted an education and training company in negotiating a shareholders’ agreement particularly focusing on competition law aspects. 10/2018

Huhtamäki Brothers assisted a consulting company in drafting a shareholders’ agreement and executing a sale of shares. 9/2018

Huhtamäki Brothers assisted a family-owned software company in drafting a new shareholders’ agreement and making preparations for issue of new shares to the new company management shareholders. 8/2018

Huhtamäki Brothers assisted a real estate investor (private person) in drafting a shareholders’ agreement. 6/2018

Huhtamäki Brothers assisted a beverage industry company in a dispute regarding a shareholders’ agreement. 6/2018

Huhtamäki Brothers assisted a sports services company in drafting a shareholders’ agreement. 5/2018

Huhtamäki Brothers assisted a newly established property maintenance company in drafting a shareholders’ agreement. 2/2018

Huhtamäki Brothers assisted a transporting industry and warehousing company in drafting a shareholders’ agreement. 1/2018

Huhtamäki Brothers assisted a building subcontractor in an assignment regarding the termination of a subcontractor agreement. The assignment included assisting the client in terminating the subcontractor agreement with immediate effect in accordance with the General conditions for building contracts (YSE 1998), and clarifying the responsibilities and claims of the parties in the final settling of accounts under the YSE 1998. November 2018

Huhtamäki Brothers assisted a medium-sized construction company in an assignment regarding refund of employment pension insurance payments. The assignment included claiming refund of unfoundedly collected employment pension insurance payments from a pension insurance company. The matter was settled by agreement, where the employment pension insurance payments were refunded with interest to our client as claimed. Insurance Court proceeding were averted. October 2018

Huhtamäki Brothers assisted Etelä-Savon Taksi Oy in the assessment of competition law related questions concerning the recent legislative amendments in the Finnish transport sector. September 2018

Astra Wines

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Huhtamäki Brothers Attorneys Ltd. assisted Astra Wines Oy and its remaining shareholder in the restructuring of the company’s ownership. August 2018


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Huhtamäki Brothers assisted Neliöx Oy in its debt restructuring proceeding by filing a restructuring application to a District Court and obtaining recommendations from our client’s creditors to the application. As a result, the District Court ruled in favor of the application and started the restructuring proceedings after one day of deliberation. June 2018

Environmental Crime

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Huhtamäki Brothers assisted a company and its representatives as our clients in a police investigation wherein our clients were suspected of an aggravated environmental crime. After our written statement on behalf of our clients, the prosecutor made the decision not to prosecute any of our clients. May 2018

13.2.2018 – Service Contract Dispute

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Huhtamäki Brothers represented its plaintiff client in the District Court of Helsinki in an action for damages relating to a service contract. All claims made by our client were accepted as such, and the opposing party was ordered to compensate all of our client’s legal fees in full. The Court’s decision is final. February 2018

Corporate crime

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In a corporate crime related case Huhtamäki Brothers advised a creditor client company as an injured party in the District Court of Pirkanmaa. The criminal charges in this case concerned the illegal transfer of funds in a debtor company by its executive and a third person. The District Court convicted the mentioned executive and third person, and held them jointly liable in compensating our client for the damages it had suffered as a result of illegal asset transfers in the debtor company (including all legal fees). The judgement of the District Court was later successfully enforced and our client was compensated in full. The judgement is final. November 2017

References: Financial Offence

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Huhtamaki Brothers acted as counsel to MPY Palvelut Oyj, a Finnish ICT service provider, in its acquisition of the entire share capital of Net Man Oy. July 2017

Huhtamäki Brothers assisted an owner-entrepreneur of a medium-sized construction company as its client in the Helsinki Court of Appeal in a proceeding concerning an alleged financial offense. The Act on Contractor’s Obligations and Liability as well as legislation and contractual practices of the construction sector were assessed in light of criminal liability. Huhtamäki Brothers had not assisted the entrepreneur in the District Court of Helsinki, where the entrepreneur had formerly been, according to charges, sentenced to imprisonment and significant financial liability. The Helsinki Court of Appeal overturned the District Court’s judgement in its entirety and acquitted our client of all liability adjudicated by the District Court. In addition, the Court of Appeal ordered the Finnish State to reimburse our client’s legal expenses of over 50 000.00 € and to restitute to our client over 100 000.00 € previously paid to the Finnish State. The decision is final. November 2017

MPY Palvelut Oyj

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Huhtamaki Brothers represented ProtectPipe, a Finnish microbiotechnology company, in the structuring and agreement drafting of its distribution arrangements in the EU and various other countries. ProtectPipe is a rapidly growing Finnish company specialized in the manufacture and production of non-toxic and environmental friendly bacteria which cleans household and industrial sewers. June 2017

We represented our client as a claimant in an arbitration proceeding concerning the terms of a shareholders’ agreement. The dispute is governed by the rules of The Arbitration Institute of the Finland Chamber of Commerce. February 2017

During the year 2017 we assisted several Finnish companies in their employment disputes relating to, inter alia, terminating of employment and director agreements and general employment law. From January 2017 to November 2017.

We assisted our clients in a dispute relating to a startup company’s shareholders’ agreements and Finnish company law. The case was later settled with the majority owner of the company and our clients received monetary compensation. January 2017

Represented a major Finnish listed company and market leader in notifying two add-on acquisitions of competing businesses to the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (FCCA). The first acquisition was unconditionally approved by the FCCA in Phase II while the second was unconditionally cleared before the end of Phase I (reference prior to the founding of Huhtamäki Brothers). 2016